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You will learn to create healthy food habits and proper portion control based
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Our trainers work with all types of fitness levels and will personalize your exercise routine.

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Our weight loss coaches facilitate a menu plan with weekly one on one coaching sessions and act as your accountability partner!

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Results Story: From the very beginning of this journey it has never been "me" doing this, it's always been and will be "we" are doing this. I never say "I" have lost X amount of weight, "we" have lost it. I have worked with Kristina and Sarah from the beginning and I think someone was looking out for me when our little team formed. I know our progress would never be as far as it is without their help and guidance. You are not alone in this battle unless you want to be. All the help and encouragement is right in front of you if you want or need it. I have worked with Kristina since the very beginning of the journey and she has been nothing but a pleasure and more helpful than I can put into words. I look forward to seeing her every week. She is genuinely excited about the progress we are making and that is an awesome feeling. She is my partner in crime!!! Kristina's encouragement and advice have made this experience much easier. We actually talk to each other; I don't listen to a scripted lecture once a week. Plus she's a cool chick!!!!It never ceases to amaze me how much you can sweat in just 30 minutes!! I have been going to Sarah's classes since the beginning and honestly, whatever success we are having is in large part due to her. I'm not sure I would have even joined this program if I hadn't seen her videos and after meeting and working with her it almost seems like fate was in play. Somehow Sarah has a way of making a difficult workout more fun and as crazy as it is, I keep coming back every week for more. I am lucky to have Sarah in my life. -Mark LeaVesseur

Lost -62 pounds, -31.25 inches, -7 % body fat

– Mark LeaVesseur