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Highland Fitness of Eau Claire's
Group Fitness Classes

Our Group Fitness has it all, and for every level! Whether you want aerobics, yoga, high intensity, low impact, or dance, we’ve got the moves that will energize and tone you. Our classes accommodate people at all fitness levels. Check out our schedule now!

  • Silver Fit
  • Cycling
  • BodyPump
  • PowerPump
  • Yoga (5 different classes)
  • Zumba (2 different classes)

Need Cardio & Stength?
Dance with cardio and stretching at our ZUMBA class. Bodypump is resistance training to tone all your major muscles (legs, butt, arms and core). Total Body! and Spinning will get those calorie burning leg muscles moving. Try out a class today!

Need Flexibility?
Want improved posture? Try Yoga! Alignment, Restorative, Hatha, 45, or Vinyasa Yoga may be just want the doctor ordered. All group classes are included with your membership and are available at our EastRidge location. Bring a friend and join us for class. Your body will thank you!

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