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Results Story:  What I like about the Results Weight Loss program is that it is more than a 15 minute boring meeting and then they send you off on your own for another week.  This program not only helps with nutrition, but also exercise which is a very important step to losing weight.  I haven't exercised in many years, I love going to the gym, challenging myself and I like the way that it feels.  The coaches help me with my nutrition goals.  I'm not a big eater so they help me with meal ideas and snacks. They encourage me when I feel beaten.  They stress the importance of drinking water and it really does help me feel better.  I am a quitter so without this program and without the encouragement of the coaches and trainers I probably would have quit after a few weeks.  But the results are starting to show and I am going to beat whatever is in my brain telling me I can't do this...   I will do this!  Results training: What can I say?  It's 30 minutes of very hard work. But I love every minute of it.  Kassie has a way of pushing me to the best I can and then pushes a little harder. -Karla Brown

Lost -25 pounds, -26.75 inches, -5.8% body fat

– Karla Brown

Results Story: From the very beginning of this journey it has never been "me" doing this, it's always been and will be "we" are doing this. I never say "I" have lost X amount of weight, "we" have lost it. I have worked with Kristina and Sarah from the beginning and I think someone was looking out for me when our little team formed. I know our progress would never be as far as it is without their help and guidance. You are not alone in this battle unless you want to be. All the help and encouragement is right in front of you if you want or need it. I have worked with Kristina since the very beginning of the journey and she has been nothing but a pleasure and more helpful than I can put into words. I look forward to seeing her every week. She is genuinely excited about the progress we are making and that is an awesome feeling. She is my partner in crime!!! Kristina's encouragement and advice have made this experience much easier. We actually talk to each other; I don't listen to a scripted lecture once a week. Plus she's a cool chick!!!!It never ceases to amaze me how much you can sweat in just 30 minutes!! I have been going to Sarah's classes since the beginning and honestly, whatever success we are having is in large part due to her. I'm not sure I would have even joined this program if I hadn't seen her videos and after meeting and working with her it almost seems like fate was in play. Somehow Sarah has a way of making a difficult workout more fun and as crazy as it is, I keep coming back every week for more. I am lucky to have Sarah in my life. -Mark LeaVesseur

Lost -62 pounds, -31.25 inches, -7 % body fat

– Mark LeaVesseur

Results Story: The Highland Fitness weight loss program taught me not only how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise, but also gave me the tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The first step was getting off the couch and going to the gym! What kept me motivated to reach my goals were the incredible staff, front desk workers, wellness coaches and personal trainers. The staff made me feel super comfortable. Highland Fitness has become a second family for me and I couldn't be happier!  -Brianna Cramer

Lost -110 pounds, -83.75 inches, -22.3% body fat

– Brianna Cramer

Results Story: The structure of the program works great for me! The results trainers and wellness coaches both help with goal setting. Having trainers and coaches that are supportive and truly want to see me reach my potential is motivating. I like that Kassie challenges me and pushes me harder than I would push myself. I also like the variety of exercises. I'm doing things I wouldn't otherwise do on my own.  -Marc Bowe

Lost -115 pounds, -52.8 inches, -14.8% body fat

– Marc Bowe

Results Story: I want to thank the wellness coaches and personal trainers for keeping me accountable through this journey to a healthier and fit lifestyle. They are never judgmental. Just there to help and keep me on the right path. It's been a great experience. There surely have been days I would have had an excuse not to exercise, but I knew someone was counting on me to be there! Thanks!

Lost -14.8 lbs, -27.75 inches, -4.8% body fat

– Ellen Schwartz

Lost -27.2 lbs, -12 inches, -3.2% body fat


– Dick Swartz

Results Story: What I like about the Results Weight Loss Program is that I'm seeing actual results, I'm really learning how to live my life and plan to keep the weight off. The wellness coaches really helped me plan for real life events as they come up. I feel like I really have the support I need to keep eating the way I should. Kristina and Kelly were as supportive as anyone could be. Sarah really works at making me workout. Tim made sure I didn't quit, but pushed even harder. Both wellness coaching and personal training have helped me not only lose the weight, but see muscles I haven't seen since the Army.  -Luke Gower

Lost -32 pounds, -14.75 inches, -4.7% body fat

– Luke Gower

Results Story: What I like about the Results Weight Loss Plan is the trainers, the simplicity of the program, but most of all the 1 on 1 attention I get from the wellness coaches. What I like about the coaches is that they listen, they are attentive and truly love what they do. They are very supportive. I feel accountable and safe. Results Training pushes me farther than my daily workouts at Highland. The personal trainers stress technique and quality, and push me enough to see continued results! -Karen Swan

Lost -38 pounds, -44 inches, -8% body fat

– Karen Swan

Results Story: This program is a good combination of information, exercise and support. I like that the wellness coaching keeps me accountable for my meals. The coaches are very supportive and always have good suggestions for the next week. The Results Training gives me a concentrated workout in addition to the ones I do on my own during the week. Sarah has been very open to modifying some of the exercises for me due to my MS and back issues. -Brian Piehl

Lost -32.8 pounds, -20 inches, -5.5% body fat

– Brian Piehl

Results Story:  I like that the results weight loss plan allows me to eat real food!  The recipes provided weekly are great!  This program holds me accountable for myself.  Wellness coaching has been very helpful, providing information in a non-demeaning way.  My weight loss is always celebrated, but is not made for me to feel like a failure.  Results training is the best part!  Kassie knows my limits but yet will always challenge me.  -Sue Bates

Lost - 49.2 pounds, - 46.75 inches, -4% body fat

– Sue Bates

Results Story: On April 1st of last year, I crawled out of my house and headed to Highland Fitness. I needed to lose my winter weight and recharge my attitude! This program, plain and simple, Just makes sense! You don't have to think about it, you just have to do it! And the weight comes off. You are given so many great tools to guide you to success. Kelly, you positive attitude, smart tips, and phone call reminders were so helpful. You are a great asset to this program! Kassie, thank you for your gentle way of pushing me to achieve in MRT. This program gives me a feeling of accomplishment, helps me feel healthy, and puts a bit of zest back into me! And all at a bargain price. -Mary Haukeness-Mack

Lost -30.8 lbs, -27.5 inches, -5.5% body fat


– Mary Haukeness-Mack

Results Story: The trainers and coaches helped me keep on track with my goals. Both were need to achieve results. -Jennifer Franklin

Lost -35.2 pounds, -29.75 inches, -2.3% body fat

– Jennifer Franklin

Results Story: The friendliness of the workers, and the ease at which I'm able to use the equipment is what I like about the Highland Fitness weight loss program. The wellness coaches give me guidelines for better eating to follow, along with recipes and tips to help me eat healthier. I like that they don't give up on you if you do eat something bad, they just steer you back to either a healthier solution or eating small portions. The results training works on a lot of muscle I may not be working on when working out other days of the week. Also, you use more of the body to workout, then having a machine helping do part of the work.   -Tom Levenhagen

Lost -41 pounds, -31.5 inches, 7.4% body fat

– Tom Levenhagen

Results Story: What I like about the Results Weight Loss Plan is that everyone is so supportive and encouraging. The program is well organized. The wellness coaches help me stay the course. They give me the push I need to keep going. It is nice to get different food and nutrition ideas. Love the recipes! The Results Training gives me the consistency to keep my body moving. The class makes you feel food after the workout. I've also met a few new people at Highland Fitness. -Jamie Endl

Lost - 25.6 pounds, - 28.75 inches, 4.9% body fat

– Jamie Endl

Results Story: It sure feels great to not be plump! My pants waist went from size 40 to 36. How cool is that?! Self-determination is part of the equation but "tons" of credit goes to the staff here at Highland Fitness to keep me accountable and well guided on my healthy path for life. -Mark Brann

Lost -40 lbs, -14.5 inches, -6% body fat



– Mark Brann

Results Story: The Results Weight Loss Plan is easy to follow. The wellness coaches are very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. Results training is a great workout with enthusiastic personal trainers. -Kathy Welke

Lost -33.6 pounds, -37 inches, -7.3% body fat

– Kathy Welke

Results Story: I want to thank Anyssa, Kelly, Brady Tim and Kassie for being there with great advice and encouragement. Their patience and understanding were appreciated. I like the personalization that all staff exhibit. Each of us had a particular path to weight loss and overall health. They understand and adapt to the client. The staff is knowledgeable. They listen and have answers based on the latest research. There is a comfortable environment that starts with the staff. Fellow club users are friendly and I look forward to visiting with them when I workout. We have gotten to know each other- our families and work. - Howard Ludwigson

Lost -24 pounds, -10 inches, 2.2% body fat

– Howard Ludwigson

Results Story: The Results Weight Loss program allowed me to set and strive to achieve my fitness and well being goals.  The weekly interaction with the coaches and trainers is fun and a vital part of my success.  I enjoy the tips and suggestions from the wellness coaches on how and what to keep working on to improve my overall healthy diet and lifestyle. Results training allows for a complete core and strength training session I typically don't get while working on the machines, both with cardio and weights.  -Gary Holt

Lost 32 lbs., 17.5 inches, 6% body fat

– Gary Holt

Lost -25 lbs, -23.25 inches, -6% body fat

– Judy Fadness

Results Story: This is a great weight loss program! Thank you Kelly or all of your help and support and Kassie for your patience and understanding. Karen and Ellen, you make Zumba and Yoga fun to do; thank you! All of my good friends I have met here at Highland. Thanks to all the staff I have met also, you are the best! -Judy Dieter

Lost -30 pounds, -28.75 inches, -5% body fat

– Judy Dieter

Results Story: This program really works for weight loss! I am now totally off insulin and very happy with the way I look. I wish I had done this program years ago. -Jennie Stratton

Lost -21 pounds, -21.5 inches, -3% body fat

– Jennie Stratton

Results Story: I am so pleased with my results! Thank you Highland Fitness for keeping me on track and encouraging me. It has been worth it! -Jakki Wittwer

Lost -90.4 pounds, -121.5 inches, -16.1% body fat

– Jakki Wittwer

Results Story: I like that the Results Weight Loss Plan is working and I'm enjoying the plan. I like having to be accountable. It keeps me on my toes. I don't feel like I'm dieting. I feel like I am enjoying food and living a healthy lifestyle. The weight loss coaches are so nice. They give me encouragement and great ideas for my plan. I feel like I would not be where I am without their support. What I like about Results Training is RESULTS! I feel stronger and my balance has improved. I like the personal attention. I feel comfortable working out with others and I never thought that would happen. -Linda Goehring

Lost -32.8 pounds, -25 inches, 4.7% body fat

– Linda Goehring

Results Story: This is a great weight loss program! It's easy to follow and allows me to eat the same meals as my family. I love that it combines nutrition and exercise. Kelly, Anyssa, and Kassie's positive attitudes, compassion, and encouragement are amazing. They set me up for nothing but success and keep me motivated and accountable. Kassie is awesome to work with, so patient, kind and non judgmental I feel so much better mentally and physically. The strength I have gained so far, compared to where I started is amazing! Thanks Kassie. I take pride in how far I've come and how far I can go with the outstanding staff at Highland Fitness! -Cindy Berlin

Lost -45.4 pounds, -43 inches, -6.6% body fat

– Cindy Berlin

Results Story: The program is easy to follow.  I am able to buy foods that I like and still stick to plan.  My family can eat the same foods I do.  I also enjoy getting new recipes each week.  I love every part of this program.  I feel so good about myself and my weight loss!  I don't just like the wellness coaching I love, love, love the wellness coaching.  I love all the coaches as they are so positive and upbeat, but also because they hold me accountable by talking about my food choices.  They go over my food journal and help me come up with new ways to overcome situations where there are not as many healthy food choices. I also like that the coaches call to check up on everyone and when I slip up they don't look down on me, they just encourage me to keep going.  Results training is amazing, I have never worked with any trainers before I started this program, besides my brother. He had my best interest at heart, but I feel like he was not able to push me, maybe because I wasn't ready....who knows?  I do know that all of the results trainers are great at motivating me to push myself and not give up.  They also pay close attention to how they train others.  I have had re-constructive surgery on both knees and the trainers have done an awesome job of coming up with modifications and still helping me get a good workout.  I am getting stronger and I'm able to run because of the trainers. -Leah Hulback-Reed

Lost -36 pounds, -39.5 inches, 6.4% body fat

– Leah Hulback-Reed

Results Story: The Results Weight Loss Plan has given me the ability to look at the fact that this is really a lifestyle change and not just a "diet." What I eat is equally important to the exercise. I like that the wellness coaches are encouraging. The 1 one 1 coaching each week holds me account- able. This accountability makes me look forward to seeing my progress each week along with those occasional set backs. The personal trainers give me the ability to do different things each week. I am really getting a chance to push myself physically. -Heidi Borgaro

Lost -17 pounds, -28 inches, 5% body fat

– Heidi Borgaro

Results Story: I'd like to thank everyone I've worked with at Highland Fitness. The trainers and coaches are awesome! From Results Training to Fit Boot Camp, I would recommend this program to others who just need some help to get results. -Patrick Drier

Lost -57 lbs, -17 inches, -8% body fat


– Patrick Drier

Results Story: I like the fact that the program offers the opportunity to include the foods I like while losing pounds and inches. Kelly and the staff have done an excellent job of keeping me focused on the program. Their continued encouragement and friendly smiles gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. My wife enjoys preparing many of the recipes too. Being handicapped, Kassie has done a great job of modifying the exercises and stretches to accommodate my needs. The training and weight loss to date has given me more energy and stamina.

Lost -33.2 lbs, -11.25 inches, -1% Body Fat

– Arnie Rasmussen

Results Story: This is such an awesome program. I love that I can just come in and feel like one of the gang. So a big THANK YOU to everyone here for making this such a great journey! -Amanda Wolfgram

Lost -37 pounds, -26.25 inches, -4.5% body fat

– Amanda Wolfgram

Results Story: I like the accountability I have with the Results Program. It's nice to go in with my food journal and go over good and bad. I like that I am congratulated for achievements, not just focused on negatives. I like Results Training because it works all of my body. It's nice to change up my workouts once in a while too! -Amanda Tomesh 

Lost -14.8 pounds, -29.5 inches, -3.4% body fat

– Amanda Tomesh

Results Story: What I like about the Results Weight Loss Plan are the weekly handouts, accountability and the cost is reasonable. The wellness coaches give me progress updates, attention, advise on nutrition and challenges. The wellness coaches give encouragement. The Results Training classes are challenging, the personal trainers personalize the workouts to work different areas of the body and the group is small (1-4 people).  -Elke Swanson

Lost -11.2 pounds, -20.75 inches, -3 % body fat

– Elke Swanson