Tim Hermann

Tim Herman, ASCA

Interests: People that are interested in changing their life as a whole; working with athletes and youth.

Training Philosophy: It takes 21 days to develop a good habit; 3 days to develop a bad one. I want to see the people that are working out today working out twenty years from now and still enjoying it.

Background: I'm originally from Durand, Wisconsin and have been with Highland Fitness since 1990. I love training because I have the ability through counseling, constant motivation, and skill to change someone's physiology and recreate their story. A person's story is their lifestyle lived each day that can be the idea that just getting through life is acceptable or a constant struggle of working on goals. A person's goals can vary from working on increasing their fruits and vegetables, water intake, a 'bucket-list' marathon, ridding themselves from medications, or a person who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. I get to have one finger on that page as they turn it and rewrite their story. To me this flipping of the page or mindset in a person that has been struggling is exciting and contagious. I see each day as a new beginning and another day to work towards goals. I love my family and friends as they are an extension of who I am and remind me of the happiness I strive to bring to everyone else.