Jordan Mooney

Jordan Mooney, ACE

Background: I spent the early part of my career working at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh managing the fitness programming that was available to college students. It was a joy putting on personal training and group exercise programs for students to help support their health and wellbeing while in pursuit of academic success. In 2022 my wife and I made the decision to move to Eau Claire to get a little closer to our family and for career opportunities at UWEC. A major key to success with any fitness program is the community you surround yourself with, and Eau Claire and Highland is a great and active community to be a part of.

Training Philosophy: I work really well with folks that are new to the gym scene or aren't sure how to utilize it in your favor. I will meet you where you are at, with the ultimate goal of giving you the tools and resources to find and enhance your joy in movement. Your body is more your home than the house that you live in. Let's invest in it.

Interests: I am interested in using the gym as a tool so I can both move pain free in activities of daily life, and so I can adventure more in the outdoors. Trail running and biking are some of my favorite ways to move, and these activities can get a whole lot easier and exciting when you supplement it with intentional and functional movements in the gym setting. Other favorite methods of moving include pickleball, golf, paddling, volleyball, lawn care, neighborhood walks, and of course, ice hockey. The legs feed the wolf!