Emily Hite

Emily Hite, NETA

Background: I am originally from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota and I moved to Eau Claire in 2016 for school. I graduated from The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in the spring of 2021 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Kinesiology. I’ve always had a passion for helping others improve their wellness and value of life. This brought me to pursuing a degree that would allow me to bridge the gap between mental and physical health. Our mentality has much more to do with our physical progress than most people think. Motivation and accountability are factors we look for when taking on a new journey; I would like to be your accountability partner and help you find what drives you to be better everyday, even when motivation is lacking. Seeing self love, self respect, and confidence flourish while making physical progress is what drives me to be better for you every day.

Training Philosophy: In order to see physical progress we must address the other pillars of wellness along the way. Being able to evaluate and rebuild your current lifestyle will bring you closer to living the life you dream of.

Interests: Beyond physical training and finding an exercise routine that works best for you, I am interested in learning about mindset and what makes people successful in reaching their goals. Therefore, I advocate for a balanced lifestyle which has proven to be the most sustainable and allows you to achieve the greatest long term results.